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2-Hydroxy-.alpha.,.alpha.-4-trimethylcyclohexane methanol
CAS : 42822-86-6
formula : C10H20O2
Chinese name : 2-hydroxy-α, α-4-methyl - cyclohexane three methanol

English title : 2-Hydroxy - .alpha. , . alpha.-4-trimethylcyclohexane methanolb

- menthane-3 ,8-diol
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More Detailed Data:
1) Methylcyclohexane;methyl-Cyclohexane;methyl-cyclohexan;cyclohexylmethane;heptanaphthene;hexahydrotoluene;methylecyclohexane;metylocykloheksan;hexahydrodoluene;Methylcyclohexan
2) methyl alcohol;methanol;carbinol
3) methyl alcohol;methanol;carbinol
4) Carbinol;Methyl alcohol;Methanol
5) Methyl alcohol;Methanol
6) methyl alcohol;Methanol
7) Methanol;Methyl alcohol;Hydroxymethane;Wood alcohol;Carbinol;Wood spirit
8) methanol;methyl alcohol;wood alcohol;wood spirit
9) Methylcyclohexane;Hexahydrotoluene;Cyclohxylmethane;Toluene-hexahydride;Cyclohexane, methyl-
10) methylcyclohexane
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