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2-Nitro fluorine;Β-nitro fluorine
CAS : 607-57-8
formula : C13H9NO2
molecular weight : 211.22
melting point : 155-158 ° C
Chinese name : 2- nitro fluorine; β - nitro Fluorene
English name : 2-nitro-9h-fluoren; 2-nitro-9 hours-Fluorene; 2-nitrofluorene; 2-nitro - fluoren

traits Description : Huang color needle crystallization. The temperature of 156 ° C.

production methods : to 60g whole and glacial acetic acid 500ml mixing, stirring heated to 50 ° C, 71/92 thyroidectomy concentrated nitric acid. Heated to 80 ° C5min, cold to room temperature, filtered generation of 2-nitro - fluorene, the ice cold acid washing; Cleaning, glacial acetic acid crystallization, in pure 56g, yield 79%.

purposes : organic synthesis intermediates.

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More Detailed Data:
1) 2-Nitrofluorene;2-Nitro-9H-fluorene
2) o-Biphenylenemethane;Diphenylenemethane;2,2'-Methylemebiphemyl;9H-Fluorene
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4) fluorene
5) Diphenylenemethane;2,2'-Methylenebiphenyl;2,3-Benzindene;o-Biphenylenemethane;alpha-Diphenylenemethane-9H-fluorene;Fluorene
6) Fluorene;9H-Fluorene;Diphenylenemethane;2,2'-methylenebiphenyl;2,3-benzindene
7) fluorene
8) nitro-group;nitryl
9) nitro group
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