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2-bromo-thiophen;2-bromothiophene;2-Bromo thiophene;2-bromo-thiophene;thiophene,2-bromo-;2-thienyl bromide
CAS : 1003-09-4
formula : C4H3BrS
MW : 163.04
Boiling Point : 149-151 ° C
melting point : -10-152 ° C
Chinese name : 2-bromo - thiophene -

Names : 2-bromo - thiophen; 2-bromothiophene; 2-Bromo thiophene; 2-bromo - thiophene; thiophene, 2-bromo-; 2-thienyl bromide

nature Description : colorless, oily liquid. Boiling point, 42-44, 149-151 ° C-46 ° C (1.73kPa), the relative density of 1.684 (20 / 4 ° C), 1.5868 refractive index, a flash point of 60 ° C. Soluble in ether and acetone, do not dissolve in water.

production methods : thiophene derived by bromide. Will thiophene dissolved in acid, in 10 ° C below bromine joined acetic acid solution. Further reaction mixture, add water, oily liquid precipitation. Using ether extraction. The extract potash increase remove acid, drying, steaming to ether and then vacuum distillation, collecting 42-46 ° C (1.73kPa) fraction, 2-bromo - thiophene, yield 55%.

purposes : for organic synthesis.

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