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Phenyl benzoate;Benzoic acid, phenyl ester;diphenylcarboxylate;phenol, benzoate;Benzoic acid phenyl ester;Benzoic acid,phenyl ester
CAS : 93-99-2
formula : C13H10O2
molecular weight : 198.22
boiling point : 298-299 ° C
melting point : 68-70 ° C

Chinese name : -phenyl ester
benzoin acid phenethyl ester

English title : Phenyl benzoate
Benzoic acid, phenyl ester
phenol, benzoate
Benzoic acid phenyl ester
Benzoic acid, phenyl ester

traits Description : irregular colorless crystal. The temperature 71 ° C, the boiling point of 314 ° C (299 ° C) and relative density of 1.235 (31 / 4 ° C). Soluble in hot ethanol, ethanol-soluble and cold ether, do not dissolve in water. A blade oil odor.

production methods : from benzoyl chloride and phenol derived reaction. Phenol be dissolved in pyridine, 71/92 benzoyl chloride, control temperature does not exceed 50 ° C, plus complete, in response to 120 ° C for 30 minutes. After cooling water crystalline precipitation, filtration and washing dry benzene derived acid ester. The yield of 93%.

above acylation of phenol can also be sodium chloride solution and the temperature response 0.5h, through a filter, washed benzene derived acid ester, can be refined into ethanol recrystallization yield 75-80%.

purposes : the goods in the presence of aluminum chloride under heated to 130 ° C, rearrangement generation 4-hydroxy-diphenyl ketone, used for organic synthesis intermediate for the production of pharmaceutical products.

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