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Dibutyl ether;1,1'-oxybis-Butane;1,1'-oxybis(butane);1-butoxybutane;butyl ether;butyl oxide;dibutyl oxide
CAS : 142-96-1
formula : C8H18O
molecular weight : 130.23
boiling point : 141 ° C
melting point : -95 ° C

Chinese name : o
2 / > 1,1 '- oxo-2 butane
butyl ether
two are
two butane oxidation
is ether
two - are - ether

English title : Dibutyl ether
1, 1'- oxybis - Butane
1,1 '- oxybis (ether)
butyl ether
butyl oxide
dibutyl oxide

traits Description : almost insoluble in water transparent liquid. -98 ° C melting point, boiling point of 142 ° C (3.2kPa), the relative density of 0.7704 (20 / 4 ° C), the refractive index of 1.3992. Flash point (open cup) 30.6 ° C, thermal evaporation 288kJ/kg, viscosity 0.741mPa s (15 ° C), surface tension 23.4mN / m (15 ° C). With ethanol; Compatibility ether, acetone soluble. The more stable. Similar fruit smells slightly irritant. Combustion can produce extremely irritating compounds.

production methods : 1. Butanol by sulfuric acid generated from dehydration to alcohol, sulfuric acid 11:50, heating, stirring the temperature rose to around 110 ° C return, and the separation of water. As the reaction proceeded, the separation of continuous moisture, temperature gradually increased to reach 135 ° C reaction basically completed. Water washed, acid washing, washing with water, anhydrous calcium chloride drying, distillation, collecting 139-142 ° C distillate, in ether.

2. Butanol in ferric chloride; Copper sulfate or aluminum oxide on catalytic dehydration of admission.

purposes : the ethers, ether is a strong solution for many natural and synthetic oils, resins, rubber, organic acids, such as alkaloids have a strong edge dissolved.

water solubility (20 ° C) to 0.03% (weight), water solubility of the right-butyl ether (20 ° C) to 0.19% (weight), with good water separation. The storage peroxide generated less toxic and dangerous small, high-security solvent. For resins, oils, organic acids, esters, and wax, alkaloids, hormones such as solvent extraction and refining; N-butyl phosphate and the mixed solution can be used as a solvent separation of rare earth elements.

because it is inert solvent ether, also used Grignard reagent, rubber, pesticides and other organic synthesis reaction solvent.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Dibutyl ether;Butyl ether;1,1'-Oxybisbutane;Dibutyl oxide;Butane, 1,1'-oxybis-;n-Butyl ether
2) (di-)n-butyl ether
3) butylether;dibutyl ether
4) Propyl ether;dipropyl ether
5) n-Butyl ether;Di-n-butyl ether
6) di-n-butyl ether
7) (di-)n-butyl ether
8) isobutyl ether;isodibutyl ether
9) n-Butyl vinyl ether;Vinyl-n-butyl ether;BVE;Butoxyethylene;1-Ethenyloxybutane;Butyl vinyl ether;Butane, 1-(ethenyloxy)-
10) 1-ethoxy-Butane;Ethyl n-butyl ether;ether, butyl ethyl;1-ethoxy-butan;butyl ethyl ether;ether ethylbutylique;ethyl butyl ether;1-ethoxy-butane
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