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4-Toluene sulfonic acid;p-Methylbenzene sulfonic acid;4-methyl-Benzenesulfonic acid;4-methylbenzenesulfonic acid;4-toluenesulfonic acid;acide p-toluenesulfonique;4-methyl-benzenesulfonic acid
CAS : 104-15-4
formula : C7H8O3S
molecular weight : 172.20
boiling point : 116 ° C

Chinese name :
4-p-toluenesulfonic acid
of p-toluenesulfonic acid

English title : 4-Toluene sulfonic acid
p-sulfonic acid< Methylbenzene br / > 4-methyl-Benzenesulfonic acid
4-methylbenzenesulfonic acid
4-toluenesulfonic acid
acide p-toluenesulfonique
4-methyl-benzenesulfonic acid

traits Description : phyllodes white crystalline or columnar. 106-107 ° C melting point, boiling point of 140 ° C (2.67 kPa). Soluble in water, soluble in alcohol and ether, insoluble in benzene and toluene. Sometimes the goods to a molecule containing four or crystallization water molecules form of existence.

production methods : by Tosyloxylation CHLOROHYDRALASE derived. Toluene is also available as raw material, by sulfuric acid generated from sulfonation.

purposes : medicine used on synthetic doxycycline, dipyridamole, naproxen, amoxicillin and cefadroxil an important intermediate raw materials, industrial organic synthesis are widely used; In acrylic acid ester, Technology, such as the production of photographic film used as catalyst; the resins, paints, wood-based panel, casting, painting trade has been widely used as a curing agent, the use of the plant's products, curing speed, the film does not change color.

product is the synthesis ethoxy quinoline important raw materials. Synthesis of the pesticide industry has been widely used.

Storing and Protection : ventilation should be stored in a dry place to prevent the sun, rain and air under Lu Yi moisture deliquescence. If moisture effects after use of centrifuges can be used to re-drying or dehydration. The operation used to avoid contact with the human body and clothing, if the splash and human clothes or clean water should be timely.

technical indicators :
CAS : 104-15-4
formula : C7H8O3S
molecular weight : 172.20
boiling point : 116 ° C
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More Detailed Data:
1) 4-Toluene sulfonic acid;4-Methylbenzenesulfonic acid;Tosic acid;p-Toluenesulfonic acid;Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-methyl-;p-Methylbenzene sulfonic acid
2) 4-Methylbenzenesulfonic acid;Tosic acid
3) toluene-p-sulfonic acid
4) 4-Methylbenzenesulfonic acid;Tosic acid;PTSA;p-Toluenesulfonic acid
5) 4-[2-[(cyclohexylcarbonimidoyl)amino]ethyl]-4-methyl-morpholiniu salt with;4-methylbenzenesulfonic acid;1-cyclohexyl-3-(2-morpholinoethyl)-carbodiimide metho-p-toluenesulfonate
6) p-toluenesulfonic acid;4-methylbenzene-sulfonic acid;tosic acid
7) toluene-p-sulfonic acid
8) Methyl p-toluene sulfonate;Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-methyl-, methyl ester;p-toluenesulfonic acid, methyl ester;4-methylbenzenesulfonic acid, methyl ester;4-toluenesulfonic acid, methyl ester;4-methyl-benzenesulfonic acid methyl ester;methyl 4-methylbenzenesulfonate;methyl p-methylbenzenesulfonate
9) ethyl-Benzenesulfonic acid;Ethylbenzenesulfonic acid;ethyl-benzenesulfonic acid
10) 2-Amino-5-chloro-4-methylbenzenesulfonic acid;5-Chloro-4-methyl-2-aminobenzene sulfonic acid;2-amino-5-chloro-4-methyl-Benzenesulfonic acid;2-amino-5-chloro-4-methyl-benzenesulfonic aci;lake red c amine;red lake camine;6-Chloro-3-aminotoluene-4-sulfonic acid;CLT acid;Benzenesulfonic acid,2-amino-5-chloro-4-methyl-
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