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formula : C7H5ClO
MW : 140.57
boiling point :
melting point of 214 ° C : 46 ° C
Chinese name : pchlorobenzaldehyde; 4-chlorobenzaldehyde

English name : p - Chlorobenzaldehyde; 4-chloro-Benzaldehyde; 4-email-benzaldehyde; p-chloro-benzaldehyd

nature Description : colorless lamellae. 47.5 ° C melting point, boiling point, Gordon 213-214 ° C-75 ° C (0.399kPa), the relative density of 1.196 (61 / 4 ° C), the refractive index 1.5552 (61 ° C), a flash point of 87 ° C. < soluble in ethanol / font>; Ethyl ether and benzene soluble in water; Acetone. With the steam can be volatile.

production methods :
(1) from the hydrolysis of chlorotoluene chloride derived : will chlorotoluene and phosphorus trichloride 11:50 accession, under the illumination heating to 155 ° C, which leads to chlorine. Control 160-170 ° C in temperature, chlorine to the computation may
chloride solution. Mixing under its accession to concentrated sulfuric acid, stirring for 5 hours at room temperature. Still stratification, take classes on Crystal Add ice water, cold to 5 ° C filter. Cake with ice water washing in crude, vacuum distillation, collecting 108-111 ° C (3.33kPa) fractions derived products.
(2) of chlorotoluene manganese dioxide oxidation process : first to join the chlorotoluene 11:50, then 70% sulfuric acid, in 70 ° CSlowly add the following manganese dioxide. Albert increases, the reaction 0.5h, reuse
steam distillation. In addition, the chlorotoluene Air Oxidation can also receive right-chlorobenzaldehyde.

purposes : medicine; Dye intermediates for the manufacture Finnerty Lu; Triamterene such as GABA.

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More Detailed Data:
1) p-Chlorobenzaldehyde;4-Chlorobenzaldehyde;Benzaldehyde, 4-chloro-
2) p-chlorobenzaldehyde
3) p-Chlorobenzenecarboxaldehyde;4-Chlorobenzoic aldehyde;PCAD;4-Chlorobenzaldehyde
4) chlorobenzaldehyde
5) benzaldehyde;phenylaldehyde;benzene carbonal
6) benzaldehyde;phenylaldehyde;benzene carbonal;benzoyl hydride;artificial almond oil
7) Benzaldehyde;Benzoic aldehyde;Artificial essential oil of almond;Benzoyl hydride;Benzene carbonal
8) Benzaldehyde
9) Benzoic aldehyde;Phenylmethanal;Benzaldehyde
10) Benzaldehyde;almond artificial essential oil;artificial almond oil;artificial essential oil of almond
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