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Chromic acid, calcium salt;Calcium chrome yellow 901;calcium chromate;calcium chromate(vi;calcium chromate(vi);calcium chromate(vi) [qr];calcium chrome yellow;calcium chrome yellow [qr];calcium chromium oxide (cacro4);calcium monochromate;calcium monochromate [qr]
CAS : 13765-19-0
formula : Ca CrH2O4
molecular weight : 118. 00
Chinese name : CaCrO4; calcium 901 chrome yellow; CaCrO4, anhydrous; CaCrO4; Buddhism Huang
English title : Chromic acid, calcium salt ; Calcium chrome yellow 901; calcium chromate; calcium chromate (vi; calcium chromate (vi); calcium chromate (vi) [qr]; calcium chrome yellow; calcium chrome yellow [qr]; calcium chromium oxide (cacro4); calcium monochromate; calcium monochromate [qr]

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More Detailed Data:
1) calcium chromate
2) acide chromique;chromic acid;chromic acid;chromicacid;chronic anhydride;chromic acid 6;chromic acid,solid;chromicacid
3) chrome yellow
4) chrome yellow
5) chromic acid
6) chromic acid
7) Chromium hydroxide;Chromic hydroxide;chromic acid;chromic hydroxide;chromic acid;chromic hydrate;chromic oxide, hydrous;chromium hydrat;chromium hydroxide;chromium trihydroxide;dichromium trioxide hydrate;chromiumhydroxide
8) calcium
9) calcium
10) calcium
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