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CAS : 67-66-3
formula : CHCl3
MW : 119.38
boiling point : 61 ° C
melting point : -63-63 ° C

Chinese name : chloroform
b _ English title : Chloroform
trichloro - Methane

nature Description : colorless and transparent, high refractive index, volatile liquid with special sweet smell. Solidification point -63.5 ° C, the boiling point of 61.3 ° C, the melting point -63.2 ° C, relative density of 1.4984 (15 / 4 ° C), 1.4840 (20/20 ° C), 1.4476 refractive index, a refractive index .4422, viscosity (20 ° C) 0.563mPa s. Non-flammable, and will contact the flame burning, and released phosgene. They are added to 0.6% -1% ethanol for the purpose of stabilizing agent. Micro-soluble in water (25 ° C can be dissolved in 1 ml 200ml water), with alcohol, benzene, ether, petroleum ether, carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulfide and oil miscibility. 263.4 ° Ccritical temperature, critical pressure 5.45kPa, chloromethane most vulnerable into formic acid hydrolysis and HCl, poor stability and above 450 ° C thermal decomposition, we can further chlorination of CCl4.

production methods : chloroform many production methods. In addition to the current foreign widely used method of methane and formaldehyde law, there are acetaldehyde bleaching powder, acetone, chlorine and chlorine oil Law alcohol law. France

acetaldehyde bleaching powder material consumption fixed : acetaldehyde (100%) 600kg / t, chlorine 2500kg / t, lime (00%) 5000 / t.

purposes : organic synthesis of raw materials, mainly used in the production of Freon (F-21, F-22, F-23), dyes and drugs in medicine, commonly used for anesthetic. Antibiotics can be used, spices, oils, resins, solvents and rubber extraction agent. Carbon tetrachloride and can be mixed into the ice-free liquid fire. Also used in aerosols of propellant grain fumigants and the temperature calibration standard solution.

工业产品通常加有少量乙醇,使生成的光气与乙醇作用生成无毒的碳酸二乙酯?Prior to the use of industrial products by adding a small amount of concentrated sulfuric acid oscillation after washing, dry calcium chloride or potassium carbonate and receive a free ethanol chloroform.
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More Detailed Data:
1) Chloroform;Formyl trichloride;Methenyl trichloride;Trichloromethane;Methane,trichloro-
2) trichloromethane;chloroform
3) chloroform;trichloromethane
4) chloroform;trichloromethane
5) Trichloromethane;Methyl trichloride;Chloroform
6) chloroform
7) chloroform
8) Trichloromethane
9) Chloroform
10) Benzylidyne chloride;Benzotrichloride
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