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chloro-Acetonitrile;2-chloroacetonitrile;chloro-acetonitril;alpha-chloroacetonitrile;chloracetonitrile;chloroacetonitrile;chloroethanenitrile;chloromethyl cyanide;dichloroethane nitrile;monochloroacetonitrile
CAS : 107-14-2
formula : C2H2ClN
molecular weight : 75.50
Boiling Point : 124-126 ° C
Chinese name : chlorine acetonitrile; Poly acetonitrile; Cyanide methyl chloride; Chloromethyl cyanide; Chlorinated acetonitrile
b _ English title : chloro-Acetonitrile; 2-chloroacetonitrile; chloro-acetonitril; alpha-chloroacetonitrile; chloracetonitrile; chloroacetonitrile; chloroethanenitrile; chloromethyl cyanide; dichloroethane nitrile; monochloroacetonitrile

nature Description : colorless, transparent liquid smoke, pungent flavor irritation. 38 ° C melting point, boiling point, 124-126 ° C and 127 ° C decomposition 30 to-32 ° C (CVP), the relative density of 1.1930 (20,4 ° C), the refractive index of 1.4202 (25 ° C), a flash point of 47 ° C. Soluble ethanol; Ether. Toxic.

production methods : by trichloroacetic acid and ethanol ethyl acetate produced by the reaction of chlorine and ammonia react with Generation chloroacetamide, finally generated from dehydration : trichloroacetic acid by adding ethanol, in the stirring joined concentrated sulfuric acid, heating returnees stop stirring, the reaction of 8-10h, filtration washed , points to the water level in ethyl chloride. Their 0-2 ° C by adding ammonia, a temperature not exceeding 15 ° C, plus mixing after 10-15min, cooling rested, filtration, drying chloroacetamide. Then, chloroacetamide adding phosphorus pentoxide, heating dehydration, while heating side of steamed chlorine acetonitrile, the final vacuum distillation make chlorine acetonitrile all steamed up. Proceeds will be used crude magnesium and phosphorus pentoxide dry vacuum distillation derived products.

quality indicators :
appearance colorless liquid boiling point

123-124 ° C in ?99%

purposes : for organic Synthesis and analysis of raw materials reagents.
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More Detailed Data:
1) Acetonitrile, chloro-;Chloromethyl cyanide;Chlorocyanomethane;Chloroethanenitrile;Monochloracetonitrile
2) chloroacetonitrile;chloromethyl cyanide
3) chloroacetonitrile;chloromethyl cyanide
4) Chloroacetonitrile;Chloromethyl cyanide;CHlorocyanomethane
5) Chloroacetonitrile
6) Chloroacetonitrile
7) chloroacetonitrile;chlorocyanomethane
8) dichloro-acetonitril;dichloroacetonitrile;dichloromethyl cyanide;dichloro-acetonitrile;1,1-Dichlorocarbonitrile;2,2-Dichloroethanenitrile
9) trichloro-Acetonitrile;trichloro-acetonitril;cyanotrichloromethane;nitrile trichloracetique;trichlor-acetonitril;trichlormethylkyanid;trichloroacetonitrile;trichloromethyl cyanide
10) Acetonitrile;acetonitril;cyanomethane;cyanure de methyl;cyanure de methyle;ethanenitrile;ethyl nitrile
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