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Acetic acid, hydroxy-, monosodium salt;Sodium glycollate;Sodium hydroxyacetate;glycolic acid, monosodium salt;hydroxy-acetic acid monosodium salt;glykokolan sodny;monosodium glycolate;natriumglykolat;sodium alpha-hydroxyacetate
CAS : 2836-32-0
formula : C2H3NaO3
molecular weight : 98.04
Chinese name : -hydroxy acid sodium salt; ethanol sodium; glycolic acid sodium; TEG sodium; hydroxy sodium acetate

English title : Acetic acid hydroxy-, monosodium salt; Sodium glycollate; Sodium hydroxyacetate; glycolic acid, monosodium salt; hydroxy-acetic acid monosodium salt; glykokolan sodny; monosodium glycolate; natriumglykolat; sodium alpha-hydroxyacetate

Character Description : white crystals. Soluble in water, dilute acid-soluble, non-soluble in alcohol and ether. Mei Chatham.

production methods : by a trichloroacetic acid and sodium hydroxide were obtained by the reaction. One of chloroacetic acid dissolved in distilled water, carefully adjusting the pH by adding caustic to 9, with the accession to the base temperature rising, the last to boil and continue to maintain the 80-100 ° C for 2 h, during which the pH value of not less than nine. Then there condensed to liquid film, distilled water mixture by adding appropriate filtration, liquid cooling to around 15 ° C, crystal filters, and then refined products derived.

purposes : for organic synthesis intermediates.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Acetic acid, hydroxy-, monosodium salt;Sodium hydroxyacetate;Sodium glycolate;Sodium glycollate
2) glycolic acid;hydroxyacetic acid
3) Glycolic acid;Glycollic acid;Hydroxyethanoic acid;Hydroxyacetic acid;Acetic acid, hydroxy-
4) Glycolic acid
5) hydroxy-Acetic acid;2-hydroxyacetic acid;acide hydroxyacetique;alpha-hydroxyacetic acid;hydroxyacetic acid
6) CMS-Na;Sodium carboxy methyl starch medicinal
7) carboxymethyl starch sodium;CMS-Na;SCM-S
8) glycolic acid;hydroxyacetic acid
9) sodium acetate
10) Sodium acetate;Acetic acid, sodium salt
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