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Water;dihydrogen oxide;distilled water
CAS : 7732-18-5
formula : H2O
molecular weight : 18.02
Boiling Point : 100 ° C
Chinese name : water; Distilled water; Deionized water
English name : Water; Dihydrogen oxide; Distilled water b _
solvent characteristics : Water is an odorless and tasteless liquid, with the depth of the improvement will be colorless into blue. The relative density of 0.99987 (0 ° C), the boiling point of 100 ° C, the freezing point of 0 ° C. In nature, it can be gaseous or liquid or solid presence. When the formation of solid (ice), the density will be reduced, the volume increases.

water can dissolve many substances, is the most important solvents. Generally speaking, most of the biochemical reactions only in aqueous solution can be carried out.

hardness : apart from the preparation of water, usually in the water contain certain impurities, particularly calcium and magnesium ions.

trip usually containing calcium carbonate and magnesium water temporarily called hard water, because these two compounds in the natural state is dissolved in water can be boiled when precipitates out

which contain calcium, magnesium sulfate and chloride in water is called permanent hard water that is not boiling Shen amylin out. The hardness of the water is the water of calcium and magnesium ions in content or its oxide content.

water hardness units mmol / L, has used Germany degrees (od) for the unit. A od = 0.35663mmol / L, respectively. Hardness 2.85mmol / L (8 od) above the water that is referred to as hard water, taste more readily; In 2.85mmol / L of water claimed as a softener, I try my memoirs

, drinking water hardness of the total should not exceed eight. 3,6,9 / L (25 od).

: A
China's national standards laboratory water GB6682-2000
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