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Ethyl vinyl ether;ethoxy-Ethene;Ethoxyethene;Ethoxyethylene;ether, ethyl vinyl;agrisynth eve
CAS : 109-92-2
formula : C4H8O
molecular weight : 72.11
boiling point : 36 ° C
melting point : -116-34 ° C
Chinese name : ether; ethoxy ethylene; vinyl ethyl ether; ethyl ether;

English title : Ethyl vinyl ether; ethoxy - Ethene; Ethoxyethene; Ethoxyethylene ; ether, ethyl vinyl; agrisynth eve

traits Description : colorless flammable liquid, the chemical reactions lively performance. In liquid or gas under very easily polymerization, industrial products containing inhibitor to prevent polymerization. -115 ° Cfreezing point, boiling point, 35-36 ° C, the melting point -115.8 ° C and relative density of 0.754 (20/20 ° C), the refractive index of 1.3767, the flash point of -45.5 ° C, 201.66 ° C spontaneous combustion point, viscosity (20 ° C) 0.22mPa s. Micro dissolve in water, dissolved only 0.9% (weight). The air in the explosion limit of 1.7% -28% (volume).

production methods : occurred acetylene from calcium carbide, acetylene ethanol with potassium hydroxide in the presence of catalyst, the reaction in compression.

purposes : paralysis the central nervous system and its narcotic effects than ether strong, and therefore on medicine for anesthetics; Analgesics. The goods or fine chemical intermediates and can be used for drug sulfadiazine; GLUTARALDEHYDE; Polymer; Paint production. The system can also be used for admission spices such as additives and lubricants.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Ethyl vinyl ether;Ethoxyethene;Ethoxyethylene
2) Vinyl ethyl ether;Ethoxyethylene
3) Ethoxyethene;Ethyl vinyl ether
4) ethyl vinyl ether;ethoxy ethylene
5) vinyl ethyl ether;ethoxy ethylene
6) vinyl ethyl ether;ethoxy ethylene
7) vinyl ethyl ether
8) divinyl ether;vinyl ether
9) divinyl ether;vinyl ether
10) vinyl ether;2-Chloroethylvinyl ether;Vinylether;Vinyl2-chloroethylether
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