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Indene;Technical indene;1H-Indene;inden;indonaphthene;indene,(1H-indene)
CAS : 95-13-6
formula : C9H8
molecular weight : 116.16
boiling point : 181 ° C
melting point : -5--3 ° C
Chinese name : indenyl ; 1H - indene; industrial indinavir; benzo MCP

English title : Indene; Technical indene; 1H - Indene; inden; indonaphthene; indene (1H - indene)

traits Description : colorless and transparent liquid. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in benzene; Alcohol; Ether most organic solvents and easily in the air oxidation, exposed to the air and sunlight can form polymers. -2 ° C melting point, boiling point, 181.6 ° C and relative density of 0.9915 (25 / 4 ° C), the refractive index of 1.5762 (20 ° C), the flash point of 78.33 ° C.

production methods : high temperature tar, indene content of 0.25% -0.3%, mainly exists in boiling point 168-175 ° C. Crude and coal tar distillates, in the 200 ° C prior to the quality of benzene, Coumarone indene and account for about 40%. Heavy benzene raw materials in 44 with the theoretical plate distillation column for distillation, control reflux ratio of 15-20:1, cut from the top temperature of 180.6-181.1 ° Cfraction, containing up to 98% of indinavir.

extraction indenyl another approach is to use heavy solvent benzene and crude oil as raw material, as furfural azeotropic agents azeotropic distillation. Furfural as formaldehyde or benzene with heavy hydrocarbon formation Azeotrope components, but not with Ninhydrin formed Azeotrope, thus Preparation of pure product.

purposes : except for a small amount of organic solvents and pesticides intermediates, mainly for the production of indene - Coumarone resin.?古马隆树脂的原料是重苯和轻油馏分中蒸馏切取的160-215℃的馏分,大致含苯乙?%、古马隆4%、茚40%?-甲基苯乙?%和少量二甲苯、甲苯等化合物,树脂总量?0-70% of the raw materials. The aluminum chloride; Boron trifluoride or concentrated sulfuric acid catalyst, will indinavir; Coumarone fraction of the pressure or not under pressure polymerization, which generated inden - Coumarone resin.

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