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drug name : Reduces net

English : Paracetamol

Alias : 100-ling ; certainly Jimmy Qualcomm; Acetaminophen; Paracetamol; Tylenol painkiller tablets; Reduces net; Yaws up, TYLENOL, Tylenol, acetaminophen, Snape, a foreign-
Name : Paracetamol, its reputation, Fortolin , Panodol, Snaplets, Sufferin, Tylenol
pharmacological effects : the goods phenacetin in vivo metabolism, central nervous system inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis of aspirin and similar, but inhibit prostaglandin peripheral Hopewell as role was weak and the strong antipyretic and analgesic effects, Antirheumatic weak, platelet coagulation mechanism to no effect. The rapid oral absorption, complete, the uniform distribution of body fluids, mostly in the liver metabolism, intermediate metabolite toxic to the liver, to glucuronide conjugates form or excretion from the kidneys, usually half-life of 1-4 hours.
indications : for flu fever, joint pain, migraine and neuropathic pain, cancer pain and postoperative pain. In particular, aspirin intolerant or allergic persons.
consumption usage :
each oral 0.25 ~ 0.5g, on the 1st 3 ~ 4. On the 1st volume should not exceed 2g, treatment should not exceed 10. Children under the age of 12 square meters per day for each sub-surface area 1.5g time served. By age : 2 to 3 years old, 160m g; 4 ~ 5 years old, starting; 6 to 8 years old, 320mg; 9 to 10 years old, 400mg; 11 years old; 480mg. Every four hours or longer if necessary, serving a meeting.
Note :
1. Adverse reactions less, not cause gastrointestinal bleeding. 2. May cause nausea, vomiting, sweating, abdominal pain and the other was pale. 3. Too large doses can cause liver damage, severe cases can be induced coma or even death. If possible, the goods can be measured plasma concentration, in order to understand the degree of liver damage. 4. Following the three-year-old child and newborn liver, renal dysplasia, should avoid using.
drug interactions :
(1) Long-term drinking or other application is induced liver enzymes, in particular barbiturate or other anti-spasm drugs patients, the FDA row, liver toxicity occurred in danger .
(2) and anticoagulants combined to increase the anti-clotting effect, it is necessary to readjust the anticoagulants usage.
(3) with a lot of aspirin or other salicylate agents or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in combination (for example, the annual amount of 1,000 grams, and the 3, above), can significantly increase the risk of renal toxicity.
(4) and the antiviral drug zidovudine combination, will increase toxicity should avoid applying.

specifications : tablet : Zuhan per unit; 0.39; 0.5g. Injection : 0.075g; 0.25g. Suppository : eases; Whereas Stat; 0.39; 0.6g.
effervescent granules children with 100 mg / packet, adults with 500mg / packet.

categories :
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