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drug name : gastrodin

English : Gastrodine

Alias : Tianma Effect , gastrodin
Foreign Name : Gastrodine
indications :
for neurasthenia, neurasthenic syndrome, neural vascular headache, trigeminal neuralgia , sciatica, vertigo disease and hyperlipidemia. The symptoms of these diseases have different degrees of improvement.
consumption usage :
1. Oral : Each 25 mg, three times a day. Insomnia patients bedside plus one. 2. Intramuscular : Each 10-20mg daily 1st, on the 10th for a course of treatment.
Note : fewer adverse reactions, only a small number of patients can have dry mouth, dizziness, stomach discomfort, but does not affect the treatment.
specifications : 1. Tablet : 25mg per unit. 2. Injection : each 10mg (1ml).

categories : sedative hypnotic Anticonvulsants
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More Detailed Data:
1) gastrodine
2) Gastrodine
3) Gastrodine
4) Gastrodin
5) rodine
6) rodine
7) rodine
8) Tianma
9) gastrodia tuber;rhisoma gastrodiae
10) gastrodia tuber;Rhizoma Gastrodiae
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