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drug name : cough tranquility

English : Chloperastine

Alias : cough tranquility ; cough-ping; chlorobenzene fixed income; chlorine piperazine Sting; chlorine Piperidine

Foreign Name : Chloperastine

traits : white or white crystalline category powder, no foul, Bitterpungent a numb feeling. Easy to dissolve in water. 146-156 ° C melting point.

pharmacological effects :
non-addictive central Pfizer, the main hub cough suppression, but also with H1 receptor antagonist, can alleviate mild bronchial smooth muscle spasm and bronchial mucosa congestion, edema it will also help its antitussive effect. The goods antitussive weaker than codeine, without tolerance and addiction. After 20-30 minutes medication effect can be maintained role 3-4 hours.

indications :
mainly for acute upper respiratory inflammation, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis caused by frequent coughing.
consumption usage :
oral : adults 10 to 30 mg every time, three times a day. Each child per kilogram body weight of 0.5 ~ 1 mg, three times a day.
Note :
occasional mild dry mouth, drowsiness and other side effects.
specifications :
tablet : Each tablet 5mg, 10mg.

categories : Antitussives
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More Detailed Data:
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