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drug name : Pulau Noto

English : Plaunotol

pharmacological effects : the Thai goods is to study plant Croton subbyratus (Kurz) found bioactive components. Increased gastric mucosal blood flow, strengthen the immune system and the role of gastric and gastric tissue prostaglandin production, inhibit gastric secretion.
pharmacokinetics motivation : ?absorption and metabolism : healthy adults (two cases) the oral 14C labeled goods (1.7 × 104Bq/mg) 120mg 1.5 ~ 2 h after blood concentration reached its peak, the half-life of two-ray diffraction, followed quickly disappear. Major metabolism by the liver, blood in people over 90% and acid grape combination. ?excretion : healthy adults (n = 2) oral dose of the above markers within 5 days after 43% to 50% from the urine from 21% to 24% with fecal excretion. ?distribution : rat oral 14C labeled the Goods (5.18 × 104Bq/mg) 30mg/kg, 0.5 ~ 2 h after the stomach, small intestine, duodenum, liver and kidney distribution of high concentration, persistence gastric 24h, 24h other organizations after dropped noticeably. To a small child Aberdeen and
indications : ulcer.
usage volume : oral, 80mg per adult, 3 times / d.
adverse reactions : occasional abdominal discomfort, swelling flu, occasionally SGOT, SGPT increase slightly, occasionally rash, occasionally rash, pruritus and other adverse reactions, the incidence of 1.1% (9 / 802).
Note : pregnant women, the elderly and the safety of drugs for children have not yet been identified, caution should weigh. The use of lactating women should avoid breastfeeding. Dark room temperature preservation. Packaging shown in the period of use use.
specifications : Capsule : each piece of refined oil containing 80mg. Fine agent : 1g per refined oil containing 80mg.

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