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Coal Tar
drug name : coal tar

English : Coal Tar

indications :
inhibit epidermal DNA synthesis in cell mitosis, and it resumed normal proliferative rate. In some proliferative diseases inhibit skin hyperplasia, with anti-corrosion and anti-itch, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-horny led, anti-proliferative spine and vascular contraction. Costs applicable to the treatment of excessive, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and reduce the itching and burning flu.
consumption usage :
external restrictions. Ointment : Tu goods in the lesion area, followed by a sort, daily up to four times. Lotion : the goods can be directly coated on the skin or dipping Foot. Solution : smear directly on the skin or on the scalp, or PKI Solution 4-6 to Canada in a bucket of warm water to bathe with.
禁忌:k_/b> 1.对煤焦油或其他焦油过敏?禁用?.不可应用于儿童?
adverse reactions :
occasionally contact dermatitis, such as adverse reactions folliculitis. Tar products can be addressed tingling and burning, and the more common flu is mild irritation; Bright sensitization; There are unpleasant odor, often contaminated skin, hair and clothing, in addition to not wash.
1对?性炎症??性伤口或皮肤感染,不宜应用;2用药部位?2小时内应避免日光照射,并避免接触眼睛?封包治疗或excessive use can exacerbate lesions (right-bit and pustular psoriasis particularly), or cause folliculitis. But the use of normal concentrations of coal tar preparations stimulate minimal; Four pairs of tar is not any tolerance of the goods were not tolerated.
drug interactions : shared with photosensitive drugs may increase the light-sensitive role. Not with methicillin sarin or sarin winning combination.
specifications : lotion, ointment (5% -10%) Topical Solution agent (0.5% -12.5%)

k categories :
dermatology drug
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