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Sodium Lactate
drug name : sodium lactate

English : Sodium Lactate

indications : can be used to correct metabolic acidosis hyperlipidemia.
consumption usage :
intravenous : Each 11.2% solution per kilogram body weight could provide adequate ~ 5, he first half, after remaining under the condition given volume. When used to be 5% to 10% glucose five times the volume dilution (as 1.87%, or 1 / 6 mol solution) after infusion. Each adult was typically 1.87% on 500 ~ 2000ml.
Note :
1. If excessive, may cause alkali hyperlipidemia. 2. Liver disease, shock hypoxia, cardiac dysfunction, stirring. 3. Under normal circumstances, it is inappropriate to apply or isotonic saline solution containing sodium chloride dilution of the materials, in order to avoid become hypertonic solution. 4. Edema patients caution. 5. When excessive, but also cause hypokalemia, hypocalcemia convulsive disorders, such as Retention.
specifications : injection : each 2.24g (20ml), 5.6g (50ml).

categories : regulation of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance -
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