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drug name : Albothyl

English : Albothyl

Alias : phenol methyl aldehyde, Albothyl
English Name : Policresulen, Albothyl
indications : : for the treatment of cervical erosion and cervicitis, various vaginal infections. Vulva, the use of the uterus respite for the pressure ulcer and cervical polyp resection or biopsy after the bleeding. Surgery and Dermatology : for skin wounds and lesions in the treatment of localized, it can speed up the shedding of necrotic tissue, bleeding and promote healing process. ENT : for the treatment of oral mucositis and gum inflammation. RAU and after tonsillectomy bleeding.
usage volume : cervical erosion :1:80-1 : 100 dilution enrichment vaginal washing fluid, and then soaked in the liquid concentrate long cotton swab into the central cervical canal, rolling 1-2 minutes. Baptist to a deep reduction on cotton unit affixed to the surface erosion to mucosal gray, usually 1-2 times a week. Two drug interval : 9.5% on a vaginal suppository, on suppository before 1:80-1:100 diluted with liquid concentrated douching. CA : Baptist will be concentrated on cotton directly affixed to a piece wart tissue, generally 5-10 minutes of wart tissue turns white. Finally, it should be in the shadow of the root compression. A meeting daily until the wart tissue adhesive fully charged. Vaginitis : 9.5% on a suppository, deep under the vagina. Before using the enrichment 1:80-1:100 diluted liquid douching. Surgery and Dermatology : In order to terminate the wound bleeding, can be soaked gauze concentrated on the block pressure on the site 1-2 minutes, bleeding after the best dry residue Solution. Treatment of local burns, decubitus ulcer and limbs also use the same method to make it easy shedding necrotic tissue. Gingival oral mucosa with the anti-inflammatory : the use of the drug concentration in the treatment thoroughly after mouthwash.
adverse reactions : medication early, sometimes creating local irritation, but it quickly disappear when the treatment of oral lesion. Please note of its high acidity could damage tooth enamel.
Note : medicine will accelerate the wound healing process, when the necrotic tissue from the lesions disattached, sometimes even shedding large, need not panic. To avoid sexual intercourse during treatment, not to use soap and clean the surface of the skin irritation. Walking stopped medication. The medicine to prevent contact with the eye. Right pregnancy and lactation impact : during pregnancy, especially late pregnancy, the cervix should avoid local treatment, cervical and vaginal burning outside only in the most exceptional circumstances to proceed. The medicine is no exception and this should fully consider drugs on the potential hazards of maternal and child, although animal experiments show the drug without any teratogenic effect, but the results of human tests have not yet been, it is also unclear breastfeeding women within the milk will contain the drug's active ingredient.
the drug can only partially applied, and can not be ruled out because of other drug interactions, the same location to avoid simultaneous use of two or more drugs.
specifications : vaginal suppository 90 mg / pieces, three, six. Concentrated Liquid : 360mg / g, 10ml, the method give.

categories : reproductive system drug / drug outside
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More Detailed Data:
1) Policresulen
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