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Lactobacillus Complex Capsules
Drug Name: composite lactobacillus capsules

English: Lactobacillus Complex Capsules


main components: of containing Lactobacillus (Lactobacillus lactis), Lactobacillus acidophilus (Lactobacillus acidophilus) and Nisin (Streptecoccus lactis) live Lactobacillus three at the end of the starch.

traits: enteric-coated capsules containing white powder.

pharmacological effects: adjustment intestinal flora. After taking live lactobacilli can be reached enteral breeding, produced lactic acid, inhibit intestinal bacteria breeding corruption within the intestinal microflora play a role adjustment.

Pharmacokinetics: non-chemical agents, and agents of the viable. Packed in enteric-coated capsules in the film, from the impact of acid directly reach enteral breeding play its pharmacological effects. This drug is not intestinal absorption.

indications: adjustment intestinal flora, can be used for acute and chronic colitis treatment.

usage and consumption: in common: two adults on the 1st to six capsules, one to three hours of oral. Under the condition and age can be appropriately increased.

adverse reaction: occasionally rash.

of taboos:


specifications: 0.33g (containing live lactobacillus 20,000 above)

Storage: shading, sealed and kept cool dark place.

Validity: tentative 2002.

prescription drugs: yes
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