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Purified Ovolecithin
Drug Name: Refining lecithin

English: Purified Ovolecithin

Pinyin: Jingzhi Luanlinzhi

main components: phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine, SM, cholesterol and egg yolk oil components.

traits: white or pale yellow granular solid, special-egg smell fishy.

pharmacological effects: emulsifier, the general pharmacological tests found no toxic reaction.


indications: intravenous formulations for the excipients.

usage and consumption:

adverse reaction:

of taboos:

Note: unsealed as soon as possible after use, to prevent moisture absorption, oxidation, change color depth.

specifications: (1) 10g / packet; (2) 100 g / packet; (3) 500g / packet.


Validity: tentative one year.

prescription drugs: yes
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More Detailed Data:
1) phosphatidylcholine;choline phosphoglyceride;lecithin
2) lecithin;phosphatides;phospholipids
3) lecithin
4) lecithin
5) Lecithin
6) phosphatide;phospholipid
7) Royal jelly;Lecithin;Queen bee jelly
8) phosphatide;phospholipid
9) ovum(pl. ova)
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