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Zincold Tablets
Drug Name: zinc tablets

English cloth: Zincold Tablets

Pinyin: kXinbu Pian

main components: 100 mg zinc gluconate, ibuprofen 150 mg, 2 mg chlorpheniramine.

traits: white tablets.

pharmacological effects: has antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory anti-allergic effects.


indications: for the treatment of non-bacterial infection caused by the common cold and influenza.

usage and consumption: oral. Adult three times a day, each one to two children initiation. Most adult day is not over six large, more than three children, each course is not more than seven days.

adverse reaction: have dizziness, sleepiness, dry mouth, rash and gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Occasionally liver, renal dysfunction, platelet and leukocyte reduction.

of taboos: right antihistamines, aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were prohibited allergies.

Note: following circumstances should an anti:
1.1 cardiac dysfunction, hypertension, after the use of water retention, edema;
1.2 peptic ulcer disease are History, easy application in gastrointestinal side effects, including a new ulcer;
1.3 renal dysfunction, renal adverse drug reactions increase, or even lead to renal failure;
1.4 glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, such as drug BPH symptoms may be aggravated.
two pregnancy and breast-feeding women should be compliance. During the three
medication can cause dizziness, lethargy, it is not appropriate to drive at high altitude operations and manipulation machine.
4 drinking and taking sedative drug would increase sleepiness symptoms.


Storage: confined preservation.

Validity: tentative two years.

prescription drugs: yes
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