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Paracetamol for Suspension
Drug Name: paracetamol suspension

English: Paracetamol for Suspension


main components: paracetamol

traits: of white particles; flavor.

pharmacological effects: with antipyretic and analgesic effects. Its mechanism of inhibition of the hypothalamus of the prostate. Antipyretic effect of aspirin and similar, but weaker analgesic effect without Antirheumatic role of platelets and coagulation mechanisms no impact.

Pharmacokinetics: rapid absorption after oral administration, about 0.5 hours of peak plasma concentration peak concentration values for the 6 μ g / ml. About 25% of white and plasma Dan, in the liver metabolism, and glucuronic acid binding after discharge from the urine.

indications: antipyretic analgesics, cold applied to the cause fever, headache and alleviate mild to moderate pain, joint pain, neuralgia, migraine, and dysmenorrhea.

usage and consumption: taking, heating ducts and water bottle fining Northwestern (bottle labels arrow) fully solvent blending can be taken emulsion dubbed bars, with good medicine containing paracetamol per ml paracetamol 62.5mg.
oral, commonly used in children, according to a 15mg/kg body weight each, or about 0.16 per ~ 0.24ml/kg, every four to six hours a time, children under the age of 12 every 24 hours of not more than five, five-day treatment course not , three children under the age of medication compliance.

adverse reaction: general treatment of fewer adverse reactions. Apart from individual cases can occur Fugates and rash, urticaria, allergic reactions, adverse reactions are generally large and long-term medication, drug overdose (including poisoning volume) or with liver and kidney dysfunction and abnormal circumstances. Long-term use can cause significant reduction of platelet and liver damage, and even jaundice, in the original patients with renal dysfunction, renal dysfunction will further increase, suddenly, oliguria, azotemia, renal failure performance.
taking excess (including the poisoning of) soon nausea, vomiting, stomach or stomach cramps, diarrhea, anorexia, sweating and other symptoms, and continued for 24 hours. Within two to four days a liver dysfunction, liver performance for the pain, hepatomegaly and jaundice. 3 ~ 5 days abnormal liver function up to the peak, 4 to 6 days, there will be significant liver failure, manifested as hepatic encephalopathy (spirit, thought disorder, irritability, lethargy), convulsions, respiratory depression, coma and brain edema symptoms, and coagulation disorder, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, disseminated intravascular coagulation, low blood sugar, do disposal (12), Huang Mu brake Gangs truly never too outlets Megalobrama% (5), "Qi Tang fed T - Huai nationalities ramps connecting lines fear? ~ 15g can cause severe liver necrosis, and a few days after the death.

of taboos: 1. Alcohol poisoning is contraindicated in patients with liver disease or viral hepatitis;
2. Renal dysfunction are prohibited.

Note: 1. Children under 3 years of age should be anti.
2. Long-term use of large doses can cause liver and kidney damage, liver and kidney dysfunction should anti.
3. A rash, urticaria, allergic reaction, should the withdrawal.
4. This not touched drugs on children in the event of a drug overdose should immediately turn to professionals.
5. Take this medicine for pain, may not be used more than five days, and fever is not more than three days, unless otherwise directed. If the pain or fever or persistent increase, or if new symptoms arise erythema or edema, it may be a sign of serious symptoms, they should immediately requested medical attention.
6. Cross-allergic reaction: aspirin allergy are generally not right for the allergic reaction occurred.
7. Through the placenta, it should be taken into account by pregnant women after the problems that may occur.
8. While breast-feeding women after use in the milk of up to a certain concentration, but in nursing infants have not yet found in the urine of the goods or the goods from metabolites.
9. The diagnosis of interference:
(1) Determination of glucose: glucose oxidase / enzymatic determination of peroxide can be a false cheap, and with hexokinase / 6 - Determination of phosphate dehydrogenase, no;
(2) Determination of serum uric acid : acid phosphate (Phosphotungstate) Determination can be a false high value;
(3) Urinary 5 - hydroxyl indole acetic acid (5-HIAA) Determination of nitro - naphthol (Nitrosonaphthol) reagents for qualitative screening test can result in false positive, quantitative test will not be affected;
(4) liver function tests: a large dose (> 8 ~ 10g) or long-term use of small doses (<3 to 5 g / day), prothrombin time, the concentration of serum bilirubin, serum lactate dehydrogenase concentration can be increased and serum transaminase.
10. Should anti following:
(1) ethanol poisoning, hepatitis or liver disease, increase the risk of liver toxicity;
(2) renal insufficiency, though even be used, but if long-term usage, increasing the risk of renal toxicity .
11. Given the large number of long-term medication or treatment should be regularly for hematopoietic function and liver function tests.
12. Three days after the medication, if pain or fever reclaim reduction should be invited to the doctors.
13. Only symptomatic treatment drugs, in using this, it should also possible for the treatment of a disease.

specifications: 12.65g: 3.75g (C8H9NO2)

Storage: sealed in a dry place preservation.

Validity: tentative 2002.

prescription drugs: yes
Warning:The information is only as a reference for new drug researcher and the patients or doctors can't use it as prescription basis!
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