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Yinhuang tablet
Drug Name: Yinhuang tablet

Pinyin: Yinhuang Hanpian

main components: extract of honeysuckle, baicalin extract.

traits: light brown oval tablets; Taste liquor.

pharmacological effects: the animal experiments show that the goods of a common positive cocci inhibition; It also has anti-inflammatory effects.

function and indications: Qingre, detoxification, anti-inflammatory. For acute tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis caused by the throat swelling and pain.

usage and consumption: containing clothes. A two day 10 to 20, at the service of. For 5 days, or compliance.

adverse reaction:

of taboos:

Note: k

specifications: 0.65g / film

Storage: home in the shade.

Validity: tentative 2002.

prescription drugs: yes
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