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Molecular formula: C3H5NO
molecular weight: 71.08

density: the relative density of 1.122 (30 ° C)
melting point: 84 ~ 85 ° C
Boiling Point: 125 (3.3 kPa) ° C
Vapor Pressure: 0.400 to 0.533 (20 ° C)
toxicity LD50 (mg / kg): rats, rabbits oral 150 ~ 180.
traits: colorless, transparent flaky crystals, odorless, toxic!
solution: dissolve in water, ethanol, benzene - toluene-soluble.
purposes: its polymer or copolymer used chemical grouting materials, soil conditioner, flocculants, fiber modifier, such as adhesives and coatings. Preparation or
Source: acrylonitrile by sulfate or metal catalyst in the hydrolysis of the system.

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