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color fixing agent Y
Molecular formula :
MW :

characters : gentle transparent colloidal liquid, the dry solids can be made.
purposes : a resin type of cationic surfactants. Mainly for direct dye or newly developed post-processing to enhance the staining on the wet fastness.
preparation or sources : DICYANDIAMIDE with formaldehyde in the presence of anhydrous calcium chloride reduction of synthetic resin-like fragments and then with acid role in the system.
categories : cationic surfactant

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More Detailed Data:
1) Fixing Agent Y;Sandofix WES
2) colo(u)r fixing agent Y
3) fixing agent
4) (colour) fixing agent
5) (perfume) fixative;fixer;fixing agent
6) cross linker;fixing agent
7) fixative;fixer;fixing agent
8) fixing
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