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Molecular formula : C2H8NO2PS
MW : 141.06

density : the relative density 1.31 (44.5 ° C)
melting point : 39 ~ 41 ° C
vapor pressure : 0.04 (30 ° C)
Index : 1.5092
traits : it is pure white crystal. Highly toxic! The original drug to pale yellow viscous liquid cooling can be placed needle-shaped crystal precipitation, the smell.
dissolved : soluble in water, ethanol, methanol, acetone and polar solvents such as methylene chloride, dichloroethane, such as chlorinated paraffins, slightly soluble in benzene, xylene.
purposes : a systemic sense, and both contact and stomach toxicity of organic phosphorus pesticides. Right aphids, mites, leafhopper rice, rice planthopper is superior to the Control of parathion marathon. Can also be used to control cotton bollworm, armyworms and three Borer, rice leaffolder mole cricket and worms, grubs and other soil insect. 50% EC to use 1,000 × (50 ~ 34 for 100ml water 50 ~ 57kg) spray, which can effectively control aphid, the cotton bollworm, cotton spider mite, thrips cotton, rice planthopper, rice stem borers, aphids peanut, soybean borers, aphids and spider mite fruit trees and wheat aphids and red spider Spider and wheat aphids. Planthopper, borers occurring on a large scale, with 34 to 100 ~ 125ml water pouring poured 300kg. To combat corn borer, 34 50ml of water with 100 to 125kg irrigation heart. 1% poison soil, 34 5kg broadcast, borer control, beet aphids. The use of a seed / 500 dosage seed, soil insect control, and cutworm, grubs, mole cricket. For coated stem, the 50% EC to 1:5 (weight) of water dilution. Security interval : 28 days of food crops, cash crops for 21 days, not in growing vegetables and other crops using short use.
produced or Source : thiophosphoryl chloride and methanol over 0 ° C in the reaction generated two chloride, then two chloride and methanol in the reaction 0 ° C to lye (sodium hydroxide) tied for acid agent in 0 ° C reaction, a generation chloride (two methyl thiophosphoryl chloride), a reaction of ammonia and chloride, ammonia slow accession, expected to be temperature rose above 20 ° C, cooling, temperature control in 20 ~ 30 ° C, ammonia continue to PH8 71/92 ~ 9, the molar ratio of 2.2:1, the concentration of 17 to 19%, amination Guitar beam, rested, get a lower crude amine compounds. The upper aqueous phase extraction with toluene, extract into the rough amine compounds, and then desolventizing, shed moisture, and the recovery of toluene, in rough amine compounds, in about 85% yield of about 88%. Crude amine compounds input mixing reactor, in 40 ° Cslow 71/92 dimethyl sulfate, control the temperature in the 40 to 60 ° Cfor 1.5h, in the content of about 73% of crude oil, isomerization reaction yield 80 to 85%.
Note : encountered strong acid or alkali dissolution of copper, steel is corrosive. The acute oral LD50 (mg / kg) : Large, 30 mice, guinea pigs for 30 ~ 50, the rabbit for 10 ~ 30, 25 hens, quail 25.7. Male rats acute skin toxicity LD50 of 50 ~ 110mg/kg. Methamidophos to 0.75mg daily DOG two years, did not cause significant anomaly; 10mg/kg daily with methamidophos feed fed rats two years, had no effect on rats. Right fish toxicity 40th (96h) : Goldfish 100 mg / L, trout eir / L, rainbow trout 46mg / L, respectively. ADI for 0.002mg/kg.
packaging and transportation : crude oil loaded with iron barrel, weighing 200kg, the EC with ISO or 1kg brown glass bottling, plus wooden boxes, cartons or Filling Calcium-Plastic boxes, each containing 12 bottles of the former, the latter with each containing 20 bottles. Storing, not stifling Impact Between, moisture sunscreen, good ventilation, not mixed with food release. The inflammable goods, and to prevent fires. To prevent the acidity and alkaline mixture of pesticides, after remaining to be deposited in the drug safety, the shades. If accidental poisoning should be sent to hospital for treatment, pills or injections of atropine or pralidoxime (PAM).
categories : pesticides

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
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