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Molecular formula : C7H17O2PS3
MW : 260.23

density : 1.167 (25 ° C)
Boiling Point : 118 ~ 120 (0.1 kPa) ° C
flash point : -15 ° C
steamed pressure : 0.112 (20 ° C)
refractive index : 1.5349 (25 ° C)
LD50 (mg / kg) : male rats by oral 3.7
traits : pure material is a colorless liquid flows easily.
dissolved : at room temperature, the water solubility of 50 mg / L, with carbon tetrachloride, vegetable oil, xylene, alcohols, ethers and esters immiscibility.
purposes : an organic phosphorus pesticides within the gully. For cotton, beet, turnip, etc. seed dressing or soaking. Seeds treated, within the gully, in the seedling aphids, mites, thrips, scales, a strong poison, but residual effect lasting. Main processing into activated carbon powder or emulsion. Dubbed as 1% of the granules can be dispensed directly from within species.
preparation or sources : from phosphorous pentasulphide and ethanol, Generation O, O-diethyl phosphorothioate 2, with formaldehyde and Ethanethiol from condensation. By phosphorus pentasulfide and ethanol were obtained by the reaction of O, O-diethyl phosphorothioate 2, about 23% of O, O-diethyl phosphorothioate with two 36% aqueous solution of formaldehyde and Ethanethiol by molar ratio 1:1.1:1.16 tie, two consecutive accession Series of reactor temperature was controlled to 50 ° C and 70 ° C, condense phorate, separatory consecutive been content of 85 ~ 90% of phorate oil yield 85% ~ 92%. Preparations are : EC 60%, 30% microcapsules, 3%, 5% granules, 30% silt agent.
Note : industrial products is light yellow liquid, liquid or deep brown. Offensive, the relative density 1.167 (25 ° C). A highly toxic to humans and animals! No spraying. Stable at room temperature, pH 5 to 7:00 stability, strong acid or alkali solution, can promote hydrolysis, and the speed depends on the temperature and acidity. Male rats acute oral LD50 of 3.7mg/kg, female rats to accumulative. Male rats acute skin toxicity LD50 of 6.2mg/kg, female rats to 2.5mg/kg, guinea pigs (24h contact) 20 ~ 30mg/kg; 5% ~ 15% Granules right-rats acute percutaneous (24) 98 LD50 ~ 173mg/kg of male rats and 93 male rabbits to phospholipid.
packaging and transportation : EC use glass or plastic bottles. Storing when prevent humid and the sun, maintaining good ventilation, no food, seed, feed mixed release. The pharmaceutical agents and the contact person appliances for professionals, close custody. Wash bottles must break away or return them to focus on the relevant departments, no other use. Upon the occurrence of accidental poisoning should immediately seek medical treatment, together with organic pesticide poisoning emergency rescue methods.
categories : pesticides

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
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