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polyoxyrthylene;polyethlene glycol;polyethylene oxide
Molecular formula :
MW :

purposes : it is a polyether. Processing can be used as a sculpture, or making films for packaging agricultural pharmaceutical, ink powder, detergent and medicine. The water-soluble form by the viscous liquid can be used as a thickener and adhesives. With the proceeds of propylene oxide copolymer resin, polyurethane foam is an important component.
preparation or sources : by polymerization of ethylene oxide from the different degree of polymerization of the material.
Remarks : low molecular weight is viscous liquids, soluble in water. HMW cereus is solid. Soluble chloroform, dichloroethane, benzene and toluene heat.

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More Detailed Data:
1) PEO;polyethylene oxide
2) polyoxyethylene;poly(ethylene oxide)
3) polyoxyethylene;polyethleneglycol;polyethylene oxide
4) Ethene, homopolymer, oxidized;Ployoxyethylene;oxidizedpolyethylene;Ethene,homopolymer,oxidized
5) Polyethylene oxide
6) poly(ethylene oxide);PEO
7) Ethylene oxide;Oxirane;Epoxyethane;Anprolene
8) Ethylene oxide
9) epoxyethane;ethylene oxide
10) ethylene oxide;epoxyethane;oxane
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