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sulfuric acid
Molecular formula : H2SO4
MW : 98.07

density : 1.834 (98%)
melting point : 10.49 ° C
Boiling Point : 338 ° C
traits : pure material is a colorless, oily liquid. Industrial products containing impurities, it was yellow, brown and other colors.
dissolved : dissolve in water. Water dilution, should be concentrated sulfuric acid into the water slowly, and to keep the mix. Do not water into sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid to prevent violent spatter caused the accident.
purposes : Application is very broad, such as the manufacture of sulfate, synthetic drugs, synthetic dyes, synthetic detergent, such as metal smelting. In organic synthesis for dehydrating agent and sulfonation agent. Metals, ceramics and other industries as acid lotion. The oil industry for refined petroleum products. Viscose fiber industry for the preparation of coagulation bath.
produced or Source : contact method can be used, lead chamber and tower manufacturing method. After distillation, purification, available pure concentrated sulfuric acid. Contact legal purity of the sulfate concentration than nitrification of the legal system for high sulfate. China has to reach all production.
Note : a strong ability to absorb water. So Cotton fabrics, wood, paper and other carbohydrates intense dehydration and charring. For inorganic acid, corrosive strong chemical lively. With almost all metals and oxides, hydroxides generated sulfate reaction, but also acid and other inorganic salts role.
packaging and transportation : dedicated tanker (ships) shipment, or ceramic altar (or other acid-proof packaging), the packaging, weighing 45kg each altar. Acid altar placed in wooden boxes, filling the surrounding grass, wood shavings or small objects such as slag, D mouth sealed material acid sulfate each factory should be accompanied by certificates of quality. The packaging should be obvious "corrosive substance" signs.
categories : inorganic acid

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