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Molecular formula : CL
MW : 35.453

density : 3.214
melting point : -100.93 ° C
boiling point : -34.05 ° C
traits : yellow-green gas, asphyxiating odor .
dissolved : soluble in water and alkali solution, and carbon disulfide soluble in organic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride.
purposes : mainly for organic synthesis, in the production of plastics, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, dyes, pesticides, bleach, disinfectants, solvents and other chloride.
produced or Source : Chlorine in modern industry derived from the electrolysis of brine. Laboratory hydrochloride and manganese dioxide preparation.
Note : atomic number 17, atomic weight 35.453 valence -1, +1, +5, +7. Toxic! Normal operation of the chlorine content in air not more than 0.001 mg / liter.
categories : single quality

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More Detailed Data:
1) Chlorine;chlorine;bertholite;chloor
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5) chlorine Cl
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7) liquid chlorine
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9) residual chlorine
10) chlorine water
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