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mercaptoacetic acid;thioglycolic acid
Molecular formula: C2H4O2S
molecular weight: 92.12

density: 1.3253
melting point: -16.5 ° C
Boiling Point: 123 (3.866 kPa) ° C
flash point: 128 ° C
index: 1.5030
traits: colorless, transparent liquid.
dissolution: with water, ethanol, ethyl ether mixture.
purposes: organic chemicals. Testing for iron, molybdenum, aluminum, tin sensitivity solvent.
preparation or source: sulfur by chloroacetic acid and sodium hydride hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen in the role under a system.
Note: colorless to industrial products for micro-yellow.

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More Detailed Data:
1) thioglycolic acid;mercaptoacetic acid
2) Acetic acid, mercapto-;Thioglycolic acid;TGA;Mercaptoacetic acid
3) Mercaptoacetic Acid;Thioglycollic acid;2-Mercaptoethanoic acid
4) mercaptoacetic acid;thioglycolic acid
5) mercaptoacetic acid;thioglycolic acid
6) Thioglycollic acid;Mercaptoacetic acid
7) Ethanethioic acid;Thioglycolic acid;kyselina thiooctova
8) Thioglycolic acid
9) Acetic acid, mercapto-, calcium salt;Calcium mercaptoacetate;Calcium thioglycollate;mercapto-acetic aci calcium salt;calcium thioglycolate;depil;ebacream;jully;mercaptoacetic acid calcium derivative
10) glycolic acid;hydroxyacetic acid
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