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Molecular formula: C9H12NO5PS
molecular weight: 277.14

density: 1.3227 (25 ° C)
Boiling Point: 140 ~ 145 (13.3 Pa) ° C
refractive index: 1.5528 (25 ° C )
traits: a pure white crystal, with the smell of crude oil of yellow brown liquid.
solution: do not dissolve in water, soluble in most organic solvents, with methanol, ethanol, acetone, benzene, chlorobenzene immiscibility. The solubility of hydrocarbon chain in smaller, partly soluble petroleum ether and kerosene.
use: high performance and low toxicity pesticides. Insecticidal wide range of sucking mouthparts, chewing mouthparts and damaging pests have more smoothly and gastric toxicity. The killing of rice stem borer Chilo suppressalis and three had excellent performance on the control of rice leafhopper, planthopper, nematodes, armyworms, cotton aphids, pink rice, tea cotton insects, pear fruit borer, as small sweet potato beetles, pine caterpillars also have good results. Preparation or
Source: m-cresol and sodium nitrite and nitrate by nitrosation, oxidation reaction of 4 - nitro-m-cresol, and then in toluene, cuprous chloride and the presence of sodium carbonate, 90 ~ 100 ° C, O, O-methyl-2 thiophosphoryl chloride and 4 -- Nitro-m-cresol reaction 3h, by the filters, from toluene layer followed by sodium hydroxide solution, washed, vacuum distillation recovery toluene, a fenitrothion oil content 90%, the yield more than 95%.
Note: Efficacy and parathion similar, but the human and animal toxicity of parathion is only about 1%. At room temperature stability, in Alkalines decomposition failure. Distillation will cause isomerization. Acute oral toxicity in rats LD50 250 mg ~, 870mg/kg for mice; Mice acute skin toxicity LD50 greater than 3000mg/kg. Carp 40th (48h) mg / L, respectively. Rice, soybeans, fruits, tea, vegetables allows the residual amount of 0.2mg/kg. ADI is 0.005mg/kg.
packaging and transportation: EC 0.5 kg and bottles, plus wooden box or carton; Crude oil is the No.1 metal containers loaded. In use, transport, storage should comply with moderately toxic pesticide safety rules. Ten days before harvesting the Prohibition of the Use, cruciferous vegetables and sorghum easy to injury, and may not be strong alkaline pesticides, and pyrethroid pesticide mixture preparation, not water as the solvent. Grain Pest Control, required to wear protective equipment, each application may not be 2h. Pesticide, not eating, smoking, drinking, such as accidental poisoning, mild Warm saline or 1% 3-2-8 gastric lavage, and sent to hospitals, taking or injecting drug atropine and PAM (PAM).
categories: pesticides

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