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Molecular formula:
molecular weight:

density: 1.0 ± 0.05
traits: amber to brown oily liquid, fat odor, non-toxic.
solution: a small amount of dissolved in isopropyl alcohol, PCE, xylene, cotton seed oil, mineral oil.
purposes: mainly used for cosmetics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, paints, oil, industries such as Powder for emulsifier, by solvents, stabilizers, lubricants, softener, antistatic agents, finishing agent, dispersing agent, cosolvent, Inhibitor, spinning additives.
preparation or sources: from sorbitol and oleic acid anhydride reaction in the system.
Note: acid value ?8 mg KOH / g, saponification value of 145 ~ 160 mg KOH / g, hydroxyl value of 190 ~ 220 mg KOH / g, iodine value 60 ~ 75 mg iodine / g, water ?1.0%. HLB4.3.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Span-80
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3) emulsifying agent;emulsifier
4) emulsifying agent;emulsifier
5) Cetearyl alcohol;Cetyl stearyl alcohol, reaction products with polyethyleneglycol ether of cetyl stearyl alcohol
6) sorbitol;d-sorbitol
7) D-Sorbitol;D-Sorbol;D-Glucitol;D-Sobit;Hexahydric alcohol
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