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TEPP;tetraethyl pyrophosphate
Molecular formula: C8H20O7P2
molecular weight: 290.10

density: 1.185
Boiling Point: 124 (133.3 Pago, a mmHg) ° C
Index: 1.4196
traits: pure product is colorless Yi moisture liquid.
purposes: for the main control aphids and red spider or insect pests of all kinds of aphids, mites, insects, leaf WATER, thrips, leafroll insects, worms and other Apple stupid effective.
preparation or sources: from triethyl phosphate and phosphorus hydride condensation from triclosan.
Note: a pair of highly toxic for people and livestock. But the use of residual effect after shorter. Pure decomposition temperature of 208-213 ° C, 180-195 ° C industrial products, water easily decomposed into two molecules of acid ethyl-2 phosphorylation and void in alkaline hydrolysis medium faster. PH 6 or 6:00 slightly less than stable. Not when mixed with alkaline material

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More Detailed Data:
1) diphosphoric acid tetraethyl ester;tetraethyl pyrophosphate;bladan;TEPP
2) TEPP;tetraethyl pyrophosphate
3) Tepper
4) Pyrophosphate four ethyl
5) Pyrophosphate four ethyl
6) sulfotepp;sulfotepp;Bladafume;Dithione;Sulphatepp
7) Sulfotep;Thiodiphosphoric acid, tetraethyl ester;O,O,O'O'-Tetraethyldithiopyrophosphate;thiopyrophosphoric acid, tetraethyl ester;bis-o,o-diethylphosphorothionic anhydride;bladafum;bladafume;bladafun;di(thiophosphoric) acid, tetraethyl ester
8) Sulfur Tepper
9) Sulfotep;Tetraethyl thiodiphosphate;Tetaethyl dithopy-rophosphate
10) pyrophosphate;diphosphate
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