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Molecular formula:
molecular weight:

:6.8-density 7.0
purposes: yes Lian tin and tin compounds of the main raw material.
preparation or sources: mainly in quartz veins of cassiterite and tin-tungsten deposit type hydrothermal sulphide deposits.
Note: 78.8% of tin, often containing niobium, and tantalum. Crystal Quartet. 10, shallow, brown color, more of tungsten containing niobium, tantalum is a dark brown and black. Opaque to translucent. Gloss King Kong, the fracture was oil sheen. Hardness 6-7.

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More Detailed Data:
1) cassiterite;tinstone
2) cassiterite
3) tinstone
4) tin Sn
5) tin
6) Tin;white tin
7) Tin powder
8) site
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