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acetonitrile;methyl cyanide;Ethane nitrile
Molecular formula: C2H3N
molecular weight: 41.05

density: 0.7828
melting point: -45 ° C
boiling point :80-82 ° C
flash point: 12.8 ° C
viscosity: (25 C) 0.340
Vapor Pressure: 9.729 kPa (20 ° C)
Index: 1.33934
traits: a colorless liquid aromatic odor.
solution: dissolve in water, ethanol, methanol, ether, acetone, benzene, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, chloroform, vinyl chloride, carbon tetrachloride.
purposes: Vitamin B1 system for drugs and spices, but also for the extraction of fatty acid, denatured alcohol agent. Preparation or
Source: Acetamide from dehydration, dimethyl sulfate and sodium cyanide, acetylene and ammonia or in the presence of catalyst role in the system. The ammoniation by the oxidation of propylene acrylonitrile products. Industries from dehydration in acetamide.
Note: toxic. When generating acid hydrolysis. Reduction Generation triethylamine. Polymerization into two to three oligomers and polymers.

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More Detailed Data:
1) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
2) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
3) Acetonitrile;Methyl cyanide;Cyanomethane;Ethanemitrile
4) Acetonitrile;acetonitril;cyanomethane;cyanure de methyl;cyanure de methyle;ethanenitrile;ethyl nitrile
5) Acetonitrile
6) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide;cyanomethane;ethane-nitrile
7) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
8) Methyl cyanide;Cyanomethane;Acetonitrile
9) Methyl cyanide
10) chloro-Acetonitrile;2-chloroacetonitrile;chloro-acetonitril;alpha-chloroacetonitrile;chloracetonitrile;chloroacetonitrile;chloroethanenitrile;chloromethyl cyanide;dichloroethane nitrile;monochloroacetonitrile
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