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Molecular formula: C4H10NO3PS
molecular weight: 183.08

density: Melting Point: 1.350
-93; 64 ~ 68 (industrial) ° C
Vapor Pressure: 227 (24 ° C)
toxicity LD50 (mg / kg): Acute oral toxicity LD50 (mg / kg): 945 for male rats, female rats to 866, 361 for the mouse. Rabbit acute skin toxicity LD50 value greater than 2000mg/kg. The guinea pig skin test, not observed in irritation and allergic; In feed incorporation 100mg/kg acephate, right dog for two years feeding trial, in addition to cholinesterase activity decreased, the dogs have no significant effect. The male mallard acute oral toxicity LD50 350mg/kg, 852mg/kg for chicken, pheasant is inhibited. The first trout hardware 40th (96) greater than 1000 mg / L, sun fish 2050mg / L, black bass 1725mg / L carp 9550mg / L, respectively. ADI is 0.02mg/kg.
characters: the white crystals.
dissolution: soluble in water, methanol, acetone, and dichloromethane polar organic solvents, such as dichloroethane halogenated alkanes, the other slightly soluble in organic solvents.
purposes: the absorption of a broad spectrum of organic phosphorus pesticides, a stomach poison, Contact toxicity, long duration, can be maintained in the leaves 10 to 15 days, rice, wheat, cotton, corn, vegetables, legumes, fruit, sugar cane, tobacco, grass, tea, a variety of both of the major pests good effect. The main control planthopper, leafhoppers, thrips, longitudinal leaf curl Borer, borers, cotton pest small daughters, cotton bollworm, small fruit borer, Pieris rapae, diamondback moth, Spodoptera crazes and various aphids, and armyworms. If 30% of EC specific directions: prevention caterpillar, Plutella xylostella, with 80 per mu ~ 120ml, breezy 40 ~ richest spray; Vegetables control aphids, use 50 ~ 75ml per mu (15 ~ effective components 22.5g), lured 50 ~ richest spray; Rice Control leafroll Borer, with per mu 125 ~ 225ml, breezy 60 ~ richest spray; Control Aphids, small bridge-building worms, with per mu to 100 ml, breezy 75 ~ 100kg constant spray; Control bollworm, pink, with 150 ~ 200ml per mu, breezy 75 ~ 100kg constant spray ; borer control peach, pear fruit borer, water diluted into 500 to 750 times (the effective concentration of 600 ~ 400 mg / L) uniform spray; Citrus Insect control, water diluted into 300 to 600 fold (1000 ~ effective concentration of 500 mg / L) uniform spray; Wheat Corn control armyworms, 120 ~ 240ml per mu, breezy 75 ~ 100kg spray; Control of oriental tobacco budworm, with 100 ~ 200ml per mu, breezy 50 ~ 100kg spray. The goods not overheating, or alkaline substances and mixtures to avoid anti-lowering effect; When not spraying skin contact, rinse immediately after exposure; Pesticide ban human and animal fields within three days, five days will not field water into ponds, rivers, avoid fish poisoning. Security intervals for 14 days. Preparation or
Source: O, O-methyl-thio - phosphoramidate dimethyl sulfate in the catalytic isomerization from methamidophos, isomerization temperature of 65 to 70 ° C, 2h. And then stabilized at 50 ° C, dropping dimethyl sulfate, a slight increase in temperature, followed by dropping mixture of sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride, in response to about 70 ° C for two hours, a acephate. Preparation: crude oil, 30%, 40% EC, 25% WP, 20% liquid.
Note: stability in acidic media, in alkaline medium-decomposition.
packaging and transportation: EC plastic bottle or bottles equipment, a bottle sequences, plus Plastic bins, wooden boxes or cartons, each containing a net weight of 10kg. The original powder, metal containers loaded barrel 25,50 kg. The inflammable goods, no fire, storage requirements, sealed and placed the shade. Poisoning or contact with caustic water or water eradicate poison with atropine or pralidoxime detoxification, symptomatic treatment to prevent brain edema.
categories: pesticides

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More Detailed Data:
1) Acephate;Phosphoramidothioic acid, acetyl-, O,S-dimethyl ester;Oxthene;O,S-Dimethyl acetyl phosphoramidothioate;phosphoramidothioic acid, n-acetyl-, o,s-dimethyl ester
2) Acephate;O,S-Dimethyl acetylphosphoramidothioate
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6) Methamidophos;Tamaron;O,S-Dimethyl thiophosphamide;Phosphoramidothioic acid, O,S-dimethyl ester;acephate-met;thiophosphorsaeure-o,s-dimethylesteramid;thiophosphorsaeure-o,s-dimethylesteramid (german);phosphoramidothioic acid,O,S-dimethyl ester;O,S-dimethyl phosphoroamidothioate
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9) methamidophos
10) 3-pyridinecarboxylic acid, ethyl ester;ethylnicotinate
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