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Oil Orange;Solvent Orange 2
Molecular formula: C17H14N2O
molecular weight:

temperature: 131 ° C
traits: yellow powder dissolved
: Micro-soluble alcohol, acetone, benzene and nitric acid.
purposes: for major petroleum products, inks, and cultural and educational coloring supplies. Preparation or
Source: diazotization by o-toluidine, and 2 - naphthol coupling derived.
Note: dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid for the red light purple, diluted into a large red to orange-red precipitation; The concentrated nitric acid solution in the red, diluted into orange; In ethanol was orange-red, dilute hydrochloric acid solution when a slight change, and the carcasses of brown-red sodium hydroxide.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Oil Orange;C.I.Solvent Orange2
2) Paphiopedilum oil-soluble
3) 1-[(2-Methylphenyl)azo]-2-naphthol;Oil Orange SS;Solvent Orange 2
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6) oil solubility
7) oil
8) solvent
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