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additive DE
Molecular formula:
molecular weight:

density: 1.18 ~ 1.20
refractive index: 1.4750 ~ 1.4900 (20 ° C)
traits: Micro-transparent yellow viscous liquid.
dissolution: soluble in water, soluble in gasoline, benzene, chloroform, ethanol and ether.
purposes: to substitute for sodium cyanide Cyanide-free alkaline zinc.
preparation or sources: two by polycondensation from methylamine and epichlorohydrin.
Note: pH 7.0 to 8.0, viscosity (20 ° C); Pago 500 ~ 2000 0.13 seconds. Neutral or weakly alkaline, in strong alkaline solution stability. Have low toxicity, non-dangerous goods.

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6) Erucic amide;Erucamide;13-Docosenamide, (Z)-
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