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Amino guanidine
Molecular formula: CH6N4
molecular weight: 74.09

traits: colorless cubic crystal, in the air and into the red.
solution: not soluble in ether, insoluble in water and ethanol; Was strongly alkaline aqueous solution.
purposes: medicine, and organic synthesis intermediate; Amino agent.
preparation or sources: (a) Reduction of guanidine nitrate derived; (2) to hydrazine sulfate aqueous solution with cyanide-derived reaction.
Note: water heating decomposition, and the release of ammonia.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) amino guanidine;hydrazinecarboximidamide;guanylhydrazine
2) guanidine;carbamidine;iminourea
3) guanidine;carbamide;iminourea
4) Guanidine;Carbamidine;Iminourea;Aminoformamidine;Aminomethanamidine;Carbamamidine
5) guanidine;carbamidine;iminourea
6) Amino guanidine nitrate
7) hydrazinecarboximidamide, mononitrate;aminoguanidine nitrate;Amino guanidine nitrate
8) Guanylhydrazine Sulfate;Bis(1-aminoguanidinium)sulfate
9) Hydrazine;Hydrazine base;Diamine;Hydrazine anhydrous
10) Triaminoguanidine monohydrochloride
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