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Molecular formula : no
MW : No
CAS : No

nature : pale yellow solid.

Preparation : No

use : organic intermediates.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) aliphatic amine;fatty amine
2) Amine
3) fatty amine acetate
4) Fat
5) amine extractants
6) Fat
7) fat;neutral fat
8) polyoxyethylene fatty amine
9) polyoxyethylene cocoanut amine
10) Bihexyl;Dodecane
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2) Process for utilizing rich iron but poor manganese ore
3) High-tensile steel, in particular concrete steel or drawed preformative material, with improved material properties and good workability
4) Compound pulley spring of balancing converter inclining torque moment
5) Hot-blast furnace blast chamber with air delivery apparatus
6) Compound having biological activity, and preparing process therefor
7) Expression of hepatitis B preS2 protein in methylotrophic yeasts
8) Kluyveromyces as host strain
9) Multifunction detergent and its preparation
10) Process for preparing high-concentration mixtures of polyunsaturated fatty acids and of their esters from oils of animal and/or vegetable origin, so obtained mixtures, and their use for prophylatic