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L(+)Potassium sodium tartrate;Potassium sodium D-tartrate
Molecular formula : KNaC4H4O6 4H2O
MW : 282.23
CAS : No

nature : the goods of the white crystals three known colorless and transparent. The relative density of 1.79, the temperature 70-80 ° C. Hot air slightly weathered nature. 60 ° Cbegan to lose some of crystal water, heat to 100 ° C lose three water molecules, into a 215 ° C water and salt. Soluble in water, micro-alkaline solution was.

Preparation : No

purposes : the goods on the lithographic printing industry, the system of mirrors, hot pots reductant for industrial electroplating industrial complexes, medical relief made cathartic. The telecommunications industry for the loudspeaker system and crystal microphone, the fertilizer industry ADA desulfurizers, the glass or other industries have applied. The piezoelectric crystal components used.

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1) D-Potassium sodium tartrate;Butanedioic acid, 2,3-dihydroxy-[R-(R*,R*)]-, monopotassium monosodium salt;Rochelle salt;2,3-dihydroxy- [ theta-( theta, theta)]-butanedioic aci monopotassium monos;2,3-dihydroxy-butanedioic aci monopotassium monosodium salt;monopotassium monosodium tartrate;potassium sodium tartrate;seignette salt;sodium po
2) Zirconate (2-), hexafluoro-,dihydrogen;Rochelle salt;Seignette salt;Sosium potassium tartrate;Potassium sodium tartrate
3) potassium sodium tartrate
4) potassium sodium tartrate;rochelle salt
5) Potassium sodium tartrate;Rochelle salt;Seignette salt;Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate
6) Rochelle salt;potassium sodium tartrate
7) Rochelle salt;potassium sodium tartrate
8) Rochelle salt;potassium sodium tartrate
9) Tartaric acid;d-tartaric;Butanedioic acid,2,3-dihydroxy-,[S-(R*,R*)]-
10) D-Potassium tartrate
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