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Molecular formula :

nature : water re-crystallization, including members of crystalline water. The temperature of 91.5 ° C (102 ° C). Recrystallization with benzene, non-crystalline water, melting point 98 ~ 100 ° C (117 ° C). 360 ° C above the boiling point. Soluble ethanol, benzene, acetone, petroleum ether insoluble. With iron, copper, cobalt, nickel and 2,2 '- bipyridine complexes formed with the red Fe2 + complexes formed with potassium permanganate oxidation in 2,2' - pyridyl -3,3 '- dicarboxylic acid. Can be used as copper, iron quantitative colorimetric reagents, and could serve as sulfuric acid titration molysite Cerium the indicator; Also used for animal fibers dye.

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More Detailed Data:
1) ferroin;1,10-phenanthroline-ferrous complex ion
2) phenanthrene
3) phenanthrene
4) phenanthrene
5) Phenanthrene
6) Phenanthrene;o-Diphenylenethylene;Phenanthrin
7) Phenanthrene
8) phenanthren;phenantrin;ravatite;o-Diphenylenethylene;Phenanthrin
9) phenanthrene
10) nitrogen
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