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nature : also known as phospholipid. Yes phospholipid molecules containing one or more phosphate, and a polar lipid complex one. They exist in the wider community microorganisms, animals and flora of the world community, biofilm constitute one of the basic ingredients. Known life and the metabolism of various substances related activities. They can Phospholipase by hydrolysis. According to their elements contained in the different alcohols, glycerol into phospholipid (glycerol), phospholipids and sphingosine phospholipids. Glycerophospholipid, its main phosphoric glyceride, biofilm is the main phospholipids (total phospholipid membranes over 70%). Its elements from glycerine, fatty acids and compounds with hydroxyl (polarity) consists of three parts, its representative on : lysophosphatidic acid, phosphatidylglycerol, cardiolipin, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, and phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylinositol, and through the bond and esters of fatty acid binding Plasmalogen categories, such as ether lipid category. Sphingosine phospholipids, SMase quality, elements from its member sphingosine or their derivatives, part of fatty acids and with the polarity of chemical groups (such as phosphoryl ethanolamine, Phosphorylcholine) pose. Their representatives from : SMase (basic), galactose brain Inhibits (neutral), cerebral glucose Inhibits (neutral), cerebral Sulfatide (neutral), ganglioside (acidic). Although the sheath cell membrane lipids small amounts, but in many special biological functions indispensable to them. If gangliosides rich in nerve endings, it may synapses in the conduction plays an important role, it could also exist in acetylcholine and other nerve agents receptor sites. Cell surface gangliosides not only with the blood and tissue and organ specificity have relations, but also may be related to immunization, cell recognition and so relevant. Among them, some can be used as therapeutic drugs, and some can be used as food, cosmetics and additives. Preparation of the tissue culture medium. It is primarily for chemical reagents. Products to extract from nature, followed by synthetic method. The brain, liver, heart; Plant beans, peanut; E. coli bacteria are producing products of phospholipase natural materials.

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More Detailed Data:
1) phosphatide;phospholipid
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3) lipid;lipoid
4) phosphoglyceride;glycerol phosphatides;glycerophosphatide;glycerylphosphatide
5) soybean phospholipids
6) Cephalin(from sheep brain);3-Sn-Phosphatidylethanolamine
7) lecithin
8) cephalin
9) cephalin
10) sphingomyelin;phosphosphingolipids
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