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zinc sulfide
Molecular formula : ZnS

nature : There are two crystal : α ZnS for the six-party colorless or white crystalline powder. 4.087g/cm3 density. Melting point 1850 ° C (aging). The boiling point 1185 ° C (sublimation). Acid soluble, not water soluble, acetate. Japanese zinc sulfide is a colorless crystal cube. 4.102g/cm3 density. Melting point 1020 ° C (change). Acid soluble, not water soluble. By ammonium sulfide and zinc sulfate solution were obtained by the reaction. Hydrogen sulfide can be used with zinc acid solution prepared by the reaction. For phosphor, semiconductor materials. Also used in the coatings, ceramics, plastics, rubber, paint, the system lithopone raw materials.

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More Detailed Data:
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