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sulfuric acid
Molecular formula : H2SO4

nature : pure colorless oily liquid. Because of industrial products containing impurities which was yellow, brown and other colors. Density (liquid) 1.831g/cm3. Freezing Point 10.36. Boiling Point (330 ± 0.5) ° C 98.3% aqueous solution of sulfuric acid to azeotropic mixture boiling point of 339 ° C. A lively dual inorganic acid. With many metals, metal oxides or other acid sulfate salts produced by the reaction. Concentrated sulfuric acid with a strong role in the dehydration and oxidation. Make wood, paper, fabrics, such as cotton and flax strong dehydration and charring. Mixed with water heated reaction and emit large amounts of hot. When diluted in water stirring constantly under sulfate slowly into the water, and not to water injection caused acid splash acid wounding. Less than 76% of the sulfate and metal emit hydrogen reaction. Production methods have contacted law and nitrification law. Mainly used for the production of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer and various sulfate, titanium dioxide (sulfuric acid), detergents, dyes, pharmaceuticals, such as synthetic fibers. Also as ceramics, metal acid lotion, organic synthesis of sulfonated agents and dehydrating agent, and for metal smelting, petroleum refining and electronic industries. Industrial sulfate used in quartz purification distillation equipment, or deionized water absorption produced SO3 pure, and then microporous filtration membrane filter sterilized generated from the semiconductor and sulfate. Sterilized high purity reagent. The semiconductor industry is the largest amount of the chemicals. General and hydrogen peroxide to remove together for Crystal Shield has been completed on the role of photoresist, or corroding agent. Electronic products are also used for cleaning agents and corroding agent. Use pure water absorption SO3 gas cleansing system in sulfuric acid batteries. Also available distillation, producing a law on industrial purification system in sulfuric acid. Lead-acid batteries used in electroplating and other electrolyte.

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