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Molecular formula :

nature : a monomer polymerization by the polymer. Even polymers containing monomers to form a different structure of the monomer units, also known homopolymer. For example, butadiene polymerization products also contain 1,4-polymerization and the structure of 1,2-polymerization structure, but still called butadiene homopolymer.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) 1-Octene, homopolymer
2) Decene, homopolymer;Polydecene
3) Ethenamine, homopolymer;Poly(N-ethenylamine)
4) 1-Hexene, homopolymer
5) Cyclooctene, homopolymer;Cyclooctene,homopolymer
6) Cyclohexanone, homopolymer;polycyclohexanone;Cyclohexanone,homopolymer
7) Ethene, fluoro-, homopolymer;PVF;Polyvinyl fluoride resin;fluoro-ethen homopolymer;Ethene,fluoro-,homopolymer
8) Phosphonitrile chloride, homopolymer;Phosphonitrile chloride,homopolymer
9) 4-butanediyl), .alpha.-hydro-.omega.-hydroxy-poly(oxy-1;Tetrahydrofuranhomopolymer;glycols, polytetramethylene;poly(butylene oxide);alpha-hydro- omega -hydroxy-poly(oxy-4-butanediyl);alpha-hydro-omega-hydroxy-poly(oxy-4-butanediyl);poly(oxy-1,4-butylene) glycol;poly(oxybutylene) glycol
10) Polyacrylamide;PAM;2-Propenamide, homopolymer
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